Our business strongly emphasize on delivering the best quality used cars to our customers.

Therefore, rather than outsourcing to external workshops, we have established our own general workshop and PDI department to pre-inspect, repair and clean our fleet of cars before displaying for sale.

Initially, our workshop started its operations in 2011, with limited services and 2 only
temporary staff.

As the company grew, our workshop was awarded the Class ‘B’ Certification from the Land Transport Department in 2012 for recognition of approved facilities and safety regulations.

Today, our workshop has grown in area size with 4 units of space, a comfortable reception and lobby for customers. We are well equipped with proper equipment, tools and well trained and experienced mechanics that will be able to hold over 20 cars and assist in your car issues.

Please feel free to drop by to our workshop for a free consultation on your car, from our experienced team of specialists.